Turing Developers Outreach:
Bringing Them Onboard, On the Move

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Diverse Developers, Singular Promise



In Mexico City, Turing grappled with a unique challenge: capturing the attention of its multifaceted developer micro-audience, each with diverse interests. With the rising costs of targeting such a niche group and an intent to harness traditional media, Turing needed to innovatively echo their key selling proposition: mobility.


Mobile Manifesto: Making the Promise Tangible



Recognizing the diverse interests of developers in Mexico City and Turing’s unique promise of mobility, our approach was to transform this abstract benefit into a tangible, real-world experience. We aimed to target the developers where they were — at elite tech hubs, capitalizing on the juxtaposition of traditional office work versus Turing’s liberating promise.

Creative Solution

On-the-Go Dev: Turing’s Vision on Wheels



We crafted a mobile spectacle: a truck with a see-through workspace, housing a developer coding in real-time, fully connected. This moving testament to Turing’s commitment navigated strategic routes near tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and Oracle, offering a live demo of Turing’s promise in action.


Driving Turing’s Vision Home



In a world swamped by ads, Turing’s truck-led initiative offered a refreshing alternative to traditional media, driving both real-world and digital impact.


  • Over 300,000 OOH impressions.
  • 1.5M reach and 3.5M digital impressions.
  • A striking 4.7% click-through rate.

Digital impressions

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