TCL’s Goaty:
Award-Winning Twist on Black Friday

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Engaging in the Black Friday Battle



In the competitive frenzy of Black Friday Chile, capturing and captivating audience attention posed a significant challenge for TCL. Amidst an oversaturated market, TCL confronted the task of transforming a typical sales day into an unforgettable experience. The pressing question was: How could they leave a distinct and lasting impression?


Life’s Surprise: The Goat Metaphor



Embracing humor and life’s unpredictability, we crafted a strategy for TCL hinged on a whimsical metaphor: What if you reincarnated as a goat in your next life? This playful concept set the stage for their message – to seize life’s current opportunities and discounts, humorously symbolized by an unexpected goat transformation.


Creative Solution

#CabraChallenge: A Leap of Laughter



Expanding on the goat metaphor, TCL captivated audiences with a visual of a person morphing into a goat mid-jump on a trampoline, symbolizing life’s unpredictability. This sparked the #CabraChallenge, encouraging people to use a custom Instagram filter to envision life as a goat. This novel and interactive approach generated over 5K impressions.


Jumping High: Campaign Success



TCL’s innovative campaign resonated widely, reaching 498,731 users, achieving a 100% positive conversion, and an impressive 17% engagement rate. This humorous and creative campaign not only stood out during Black Friday but also clinched the FePI Award for Digital Activation, celebrating TCL’s success in creativity and strategic marketing.


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