From Scribbles to Screens:
TCL’s Digital Tribute to Moms

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Preserving Childhood Memories in the Digital Age



For TCL in Chile, Mother’s Day presented an opportunity to bridge the gap between cherished childhood memories and the digital world. Children’s drawings, especially those of moms, are timeless treasures, often gifted with love. Yet, these paper memories fade, get lost, or are forgotten over time. How could these heartfelt creations be immortalized in today’s digital-centric society?


Digital Keepsakes: Drawing Nostalgic Connections



TCL introduced “El wallpaper de mamá,” a campaign encouraging moms to digitize those priceless childhood drawings. By transforming them into smartphone wallpapers, TCL aimed to turn fleeting moments into everlasting digital keepsakes. The strategy was to not only preserve these drawings but also make them a part of daily life, keeping the love (and the TCL brand!) alive on screens used every day.


Turning Doodles into Wallpaper Love



In collaboration with @PowerTeffi, a popular Chilean influencer, and baby care expert, TCL sparked a movement. Users were invited to share childhood drawings in the comments, and TCL transformed these into unique, special wallpapers. @PowerTeffi also helped curate a digital expo to display the campaign’s most captivating artworks, further deepening the emotional connection between the brand, mothers, and children.


A Highly Engaging Ode to Motherhood



The campaign resonated deeply, reaching over 430,000 people across Instagram and Facebook, generating 40,000+ interactions and an impressive 10.74% average engagement rate. In real-time, and solely within Chile, TCL created an astounding 50 wallpapers per hour.



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