Buffalo Wings’s Interactive Feast:
El Reino del Picante Campaign

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Heating Up Store Traffic and Consumption



Buffalo Wings in Colombia aimed to ignite an increase in store visits and boost the consumption of their offerings, including Coca-Cola products. In a landscape where attracting and retaining customer attention is a fierce battle, the challenge was to uniquely engage consumers and go beyond conventional sales tactics.


Innovative Engagement Beyond Sales



We crafted a unique strategy focusing on dynamic engagement rather than just direct sales promotions. By developing a versatile communication platform, Buffalo Wings could swiftly roll out personalized promotions for specific occasions. Emphasizing direct customer interaction via WhatsApp, the strategy was designed not only to drive sales but also to gather crucial zero-party data, enhancing their understanding of market trends and consumer preferences.

Creative Solution

A Digital Dive into El Reino del Picante



Amplifying their strategy to engage customers beyond conventional promotions, Buffalo Wings launched “El Reino del Picante.” This campaign was not just about winning prizes; it was a digital adventure that encapsulated the essence of discovery and excitement. Customers interacted with a playful, immersive trivia game, making every Coca-Cola combo purchase a ticket to an exhilarating experience.


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