Babaria’s Beauty Blitz:
Conquering American Shelves

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Across the Pond, Through the Aisle



Babaria, a celebrated Spanish cosmetics brand, eyed the North American market via Walmart’s Latino vertical. With a limited budget and 65 million potential Latino customers across 1,000 Walmart locations, they faced the task of optimizing ROI and driving store traffic, all while lacking direct access to critical point-of-sale data.


Making Each Ad Dollar Count



Together with Walmart, Babaria’s game plan was astutely defined: instead of thinly spreading the budget across all stores, concentrate on the top 20% (200 stores). The strategy was rooted in both data-driven focus and maximizing effectiveness. Their objective was clear: establish a compelling business case while ensuring each advertising dollar directly influenced in-store sales outcomes.

Creative Solution

Geo-Smart Beauty Efforts



In sync with our media allies, Babaria rolled out two sharp geolocation campaigns pinpointing zip codes. Homing in on beauty aficionados with a love for European flair and a Walmart habit, we ensured ads found folks just a short drive away. Utilizing advanced media buying platforms, we could effectively trace our online efforts to in-store visits at Walmart.


Babaria’s Breakthrough to Seal Shelves



Within three months, stores that originally held a 20% sales share experienced an uptick, increasing by 10-12 percentage points by year’s end. The blend of European beauty elegance with tactical American retail strategy culminated in a resounding win: Walmart awarded Babaria renewed shelf space for another year.


% points by year's end

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